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Taan Forest Products
4-7100 River Road, Richmond, BC V6X 1X5
Phone: 1-250-559-2337

Taan Forest Products, which was shaped by the Haida Nation under Haida Enterprise Corporation, sustainably manages almost 110,000 hectares  and 460,000 cubic metres of annual harvest on Haida Gwaii, giving it access to some of the world’s finest western red cedar, yellow cedar, western hemlock and Sitka spruce.

All of Taan’s operations are 100% FSC Certified for both woodlands operations and chain of custody.

The company hand picks and custom cuts logs to meet exact specifications of customers – for use in finely crafted wood products such as musical instruments, interior trim, doors, windows, laminated timbers, and outdoor furniture. It produces large solid timbers and other building products and sells them through regional distributors and retailers.

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