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Howe Sound Pulp & Paper Corporation
3838 Port Mellon Highway, Port Mellon, BC V0N 2S0
Phone: 604-884-5223
Fax: 604-884-2170

Howe Sound Pulp & Paper Corporation, community roots for a century.

Since producing British Columbia’s first wood fibre-based paper in 1909, Howe Sound Pulp & Paper Corporation has continued to distinguish itself by investing in new technologies, including a $1.3-billion modernization and expansion project in the 1990s that established it as a North American leader in mechanical paper and kraft pulp manufacture.

Howe Sound Pulp & Paper Corporation has grown with the Sunshine Coast community, building a solid reputation for product excellence, ecological stewardship, and contributing to the social fabric of the entire region. The company is a participant in the Great Bear Rainforest Environmental Conservation Program, and wood procurement activities are PEFC and FSC certified.

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