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A & A Trading Ltd.
1210-1111 Melville Street, Vancouver, BC V6E 3V6
Phone: 604-684-2107
Fax: 604-689-0977

The diversity of British Columbia’s coastal forest has allowed A&A Trading Ltd. to provide customers with the products they need for the last 30 years. A fully integrated company, A&A Trading Ltd. serves a variety of markets – including North America, Asia and the Middle East.

A&A Trading Ltd. manages its forests sustainably, and offers environmental solutions to meet local needs and market demands. It has both FSC and PEFC chain-of-custody certification as well as a Sunshine coast tenure certified to the SFI forest management standard. In addition to managing tenures and selling logs, it owns, in partnership, a “stump to dump” logging company that operates on Vancouver Island.

Big news! Coast Forest and COFI have come together as one
organization for a stronger, unified voice for BC's forest industry.
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Please visit BC Council of Forest Industries for more information on BC forestry.

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