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Market Development

Coast Forest Products Association promotes British Columbia’s quality coastal forest products and world-class forest management practices by showcasing the environmental and economic benefits. Together with government and industry partners, we develop and deliver promotional and technical programs in export markets such as Japan, China, the United States and Australia.

We are involved in high-impact programs that identify market opportunities and create targeted campaigns to address the evolving needs and preferences of global clients, and to show how coastal species are uniquely desirable on the basis of their strength, stability and value. Wood products offer superior performance in earthquakes and high wind events.

Our Technical Development Program delivers scientific validation so official codes, standards and design requirements in key export markets accept coastal species.

With the support of the University of British Columbia, we have helped the coastal industry transition toward producing kiln-dried products, and developed new, premium grade lumber to add to our product mix in Japan.

Japan: Enhancing market share in Japan requires a complex blend of technical, market access and promotional initiatives. In Japan, we promote coastal hemlock under the brand name Canada Tsuga, showing how its strength, stiffness and nail-holding power sets it apart from other types of hemlock.

China: We are helping to build a wood culture in China – an emerging market that offers considerable potential – through market research and seminars, by defining key market segments, and by developing promotional materials to show Chinese clients the many benefits of coastal wood species. We are part of the Dream Home China demonstration centre in Shanghai, in partnership with governments and other British Columbia industry associations.

United States: We worked with FPInnovations to initiate an Appearance Grade Program to market products such as moulding, millwork, doors and windows and cabinetry in the United States. The program identified key market segments, with detailed analysis of each to create a targeted marketing strategy.

Australia: Our technical program has addressed emerging plant health import restrictions in Australia related to pests and pathogens. Along with Canadian Grading Agencies, the Canadian Forest Service and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, we developed a visual inspection program to reduce the rate of shipments containing pests of concern to the Australian government, work that will have application in other markets around the world.

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