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Viral Video Star, Johnny Canuck Reveals the Softer, More Sustainable Face of a Traditional BC Sector

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Coast Forest Products Association presents the fifth installment of the Johnny Canuck films made by Adam MacKay Smith of Sugar High Productions. The video, entitled, “The Legend of Johnny Canuck, Part 2” marks the second film release in 2013 that partners an iconic coastal lumberjack, a favorite NHL hockey team along with the BC coast forest sector.

“The Johnny Canuck films are a fun way of re-connecting,” says Rick Jeffery, President & CEO of Coast Forest Products Association. “As British Columbians, we have a shared heritage, and coast forestry is very much a part of this. What most people don’t know though is that we are a much different sector today – we are a high-tech, modern industry, focussed on sustainability and innovation.”

In the newest installment, fans of the viral Johnny Canuck films are once again treated to Vancouver Canucks hockey drama cleverly portrayed by MacKay-Smith’s heroic and loveable character. This time though, they get a bit extra. Through a young Johnny Canuck, the film also delivers a thought-provoking message about evolving with the times and regeneration.

“Little Johnny embraces new knowledge then innovates and adapts for the better. This is also the story of coastal forestry. Today, science has given us better insight and knowledge than ever before and now we are world leaders in sustainable forest management. We plant where we harvest. In fact, Coast Forest companies are scheduled to plant over 17 million new seedlings this year. That’s a lot of trees.”

“The positive strides we have made are because of where we came from; our shared heritage as British Columbians. We build on this past, learn and, hopefully, always do better. This is really the story of Johnny Canuck, the Vancouver Canucks and coast forestry. It is the stuff legends are made of and how forests will live on.”


Coast Forest Products Association represents a modern industry made up of forestry companies that produce logs, lumber and pulp and paper.

Coast Forest member companies are known for their world-leading stewardship practices and focus on sustainability. They represent an innovative, high-tech industry that is creating a growing array of forest and wood products for expanding overseas and domestic markets.


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