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TimberWest Safety Leadership Awards Recognizes Three Outstanding Contractors

Published July 25th, 2017 by TimberWest – SourceTimberWest works with an exceptional group of contractors who coordinate and manage close to 1,000 people out in the woods every day. We have a tremendous amount of respect for the experience and capability our contractors, and their staff, bring to the job.  In fact, many of the best ideas on how to improve efficiencies and safety have come from our contractors working on the ground.  The collaboration between TimberWest and our contractors helps to maintain a strong, healthy, competitive coastal forest industry.

Our first, and most important, shared goal is getting everyone home safely every single day.

To achieve this goal, we all recognized a step-change in workplace culture was required.  We took the first step together last year by engaging DuPont, a world leader in safety, to conduct a safety survey of all TimberWest and contractors’ staff across our operations.  The results led to some clear indicators for safety improvement. Together, we have been working to implement changes which have resulted in achieving some clear wins already.

In 2016 we achieved a below coastal industry average medical incident rate of 3.31 per 200,000 hours worked. That is commendable. Our goal for 2017 is a further 50% reduction in injuries, and so far, we are tracking well thanks to the commitment of our contractors.

To honour the safety leadership taking place across our operations, we are pleased to recognize our contractor’s extraordinary contribution and leadership in 2016 by awarding three Safety Leadership Awards:

Safety Innovation, Best Safety Culture, and Crew Safety Champion.

The three outstanding leaders in safety are:

  • Crew Safety Champion awarded to Andy Harvie from Wolf Lake Logging
  • Safety Leader in Innovation awarded to Coastline Forest Group, Don Bahen and Mary DeLury
  • Best Safety Culture awarded to Spuzzum Contracting, Alben Stromquist and Jesse Stromquist

Congratulations to the three 2016 Safety Leadership Award winners.

I would like to acknowledge, and thank, all staff and contractors for their tremendous efforts over the past year, and their continued commitment and dedication to safety in the field.

Jeff Zweig

Left to Right: Terry Francis, Safety Coordinator, TimberWest | Jeff Zweig, President & CEO, TimberWest | Andy Harvie, Wolf Lake Logging – Award winner for Crew Safety Champion | Brian Baarda, Chief Operating Officer, TimberWest

Left to Right: Don Holmes, Operations Manager South Island, TimberWest | Jeff Zweig, President & CEO, TimberWest | Mary DeLury and Don Bahen, Coastline Forest Group – Award winner for Safety Leader in Innovation | Brian Baarda, Chief Operating Officer, TimberWest

Left to Right: Don Holmes, Operations Manager South Island, TimberWest | Jeff Zweig, President & CEO, TimberWest | Alben Stromquist and Jesse Stromquist, Spuzzum Contracting – Award winner for Best Safety Culture | Brian Baarda, Chief Operating Officer

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