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Supporting an Industry, Supporting an Economically Healthy Province

For the fourth year in a row, Coast Forest Products Association congratulates Finance Minister Mike de Jong, Premier Christy Clark and the Province of British Columbia for their achievement of a balanced budget.  This is a significant accomplishment which, once again, puts British Columbia in the very small yet coveted minority of Canadian provinces.

Within the Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations, Minister Steve Thomson and his team have demonstrated their ongoing commitment to supporting the 38,000 jobs dependant on coastal B.C.’s forest industry while upholding de Jong’s “3D thinking” approach to the budget, specifically, discipline, diversity and determination.

In particular, the $5 million allocated to Forestry Innovation Investment Ltd. to develop and expand the market for B.C. forest products in India is a significant step in supporting market diversification – a vital component of industry survival.  The funding will assist B.C. companies establish themselves as a world-leading supplier of high quality and sustainable products in one of the largest and rapidly growing markets on the globe.

The coastal forest industry is also extremely pleased to see government’s commitment of $19 million to improve and further support a stable and predictable environment for investment decisions. Having certainty with respect to a consistent access to fibre supply is key to the ongoing health of our sector.

Finally, we look forward to providing information in the evaluation process of the new Commission on Tax Competitiveness.  Modernizing our province’s taxation instruments will make a significant difference to the competitiveness of B.C. forestry companies on the world markets.

Minister de Jong’s Budget 2016 proves, once again, the government’s recognition

of the forest industry as a vital backbone industry which drives the provincial economy and the quality of life for all British Columbians.

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