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Rick Jeffery

President & CEO, Coast Forest Products Association

Professional Reliance – The Better Way to Balance BC’s Budget

Daryl Walker of the BC Government and Service Employees Union recently wrote that new thinking and new approaches are needed for the future of our province’s economy. We agree.  However, from our perspective in the coastal forest industry, “the better way” for B.C.’s provincial government to balance its budget is to optimize and fully utilize the resources we already have in place.

This new approach involves increasing our reliance on our trained professionals both within and outside of government to guide decision and policy-making in forestry.  This includes foresters, engineers, biologists, soil scientists, technologists, hydrologists and others who are passionately engaged in forest management.  Their education and experience are the reason British Columbia is a world-leader in forest practices and environmental management today.  Further empowering them with the authority and tools to make decisions and generate solutions will not only utilize a strong framework already in place but will also minimize duplication of effort with government staff.  It will provide a cost-effective, science-based solution that ensures the health and sustainability of our forests.

This new approach emphasizes a greater reliance on our forestry professionals to do what they already do which is deliver world-class results with smart regulation and efficient oversight.  In this way, they can guide us into a new culture, a different culture that will create more jobs locally and allow us to remain competitive. This is a solution that industry, government and all British Columbians can embrace.

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