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Specialty Wood Products

Industrial Grades

B.C. sawmills and secondary manufacturing plants offer a wide range of high quality semi-finished and finished specialty wood products. These products are manufactured from solid natural woods indigenous to the coastal regions of British Columbia. The range of specialty products includes the following:


Some lumber products are manufactured to special sizes and grades intended for remanufacture into specific joinery products with a minimum of waste. Examples of these products are; window stock, door stock and ladder stock. Semi-finished joinery components manufactured to the exact grade, size and moisture content specifications of the joinery producer are also available. They are often assembly-line ready for final shaping and assembly into windows, doors, stairs and other joinery applications.

Engineered Products

Engineered products include both structural and non-structural components. Structural items include visual and mechanically stress-graded lumber as well as stress-graded laminating stock and glue-laminated posts and beams. Non-structural items include a variety of finger joined and/or edge-glued products such as window components, interior fixtures and fitments, and edge-glued panels for furniture, shelving and do-it-yourself applications.

Building Components

B.C.’s secondary wood manufacturing plants produce a wide range of finished products for the building industries. These include items such as windows, interior and exterior doors, a range of clear and tight knotted sidings and panelings, flooring, mouldings, and architectural millwork.

Custom Millwork

Some B.C. millwork manufacturers will design and supply finished products to market specifications for commercial, institutional, recreational and educational projects.

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