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Our Forests Our Roots Social Media Trivia Contests

Slide4Coast Forest ran three social media trivia contests this fall to further raise understanding about coastal forestry. Contestants logged onto www.OurForestsOurRoots.org to learn fun facts about our environment, our livelihoods, and how we’re all in this together and retrieve answers to the trivia questions.

The contest results made a positive impact with participants saying, “I’ve learnt so much on www.OurForestsOurRoots.org.” and “Thank you for this very beautiful and informative website :).” Our message also reached far. Facebook posts about the contests were viewed around 2000 times, while our contest Tweets reached 39,350 accounts.

To show your support for the coastal forest industry, be sure to visit the site too! And keep your eyes open for more contests to come!

Big news! Coast Forest and COFI have come together as one
organization for a stronger, unified voice for BC's forest industry.
This website is no longer being updated.

Please visit BC Council of Forest Industries for more information on BC forestry.

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