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President's Perspective

A Snapshot of an Integrated and Transforming Industry

A Snapshot of an Integrated and Transforming Industry

As we get set to put the finishing touches on 2013 in just a few weeks, it's a good time to take stock of one of British Columbia's most important industries - about where it is and where we'd like to see it go.

The latest studies by PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PwC) and Coast Forest Products Association have unveiled an exciting snapshot of where coast forestry is today. It reveals a people-focussed industry that has undergone exciting transformations and emerged dynamic, modern, sustainable and high-tech. We pride ourselves on being highly integrated across industries with our member companies offering a plethora of opportunities that positively impact the lifestyles and livelihoods of thousands of British Columbians.

Above all, Coast Forest member companies are people-focussed, paying more than $373 million per year in salaries with surveyed companies paying an average of $40/hour in wages and benefits to their employees. An estimated 38,000 people in communities throughout BC rely on a healthy coastal forest industry for their jobs (direct, indirect, induced) - and this includes an estimated 5,735 direct jobs from contract logging. Further, coastal forestry in B.C. supports an important and valuable manufacturing sector in our province. More than 3,100 people work in over 100 companies producing value-added solid wood products like flooring, architectural woodwork and cabinets while 2700 people work directly for pulp and paper companies that manufacture newsprint, specialty paper and other products. Read on.

Rick Jeffery

Rick Jeffery
President & CEO,
Coast Forest Products Association

Opportunity for Change: A New Era of Integrated Resource Management?

Co-location of Resource Values Translates into Better Ecological and Harvest Outcomes

At Interfor, we are committed to world-leading environmental standards and managing our forest resources in a sustainable manner that is environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial and economically viable. Nowhere do these values come into play as much as they do on our coast.

Much of the coast forest region boasts productive forests that support communities, industry and jobs. And just as importantly, these same forests provide habitat for: ungulates; species at risk such as the Northern Goshawk and Marbled Murrelet; old growth areas and visual experiences that support our recreation and tourism industry. Read on.

A Commitment to Safety on the Coast

B.C.'s coastal forest industry leaders are committed to providing the necessary resources, procedures and guidance to improve safety on the coast of B.C.

This is the message which Don Demens, President and CEO of Western Forest Products (WFP), delivered at the 2013 Vancouver Island Safety Conference on October 5, in Nanaimo. Read on.

A Commitment to Safety on the Coast

Coast Forest Continues to Develop Asian Markets

Coast Forest Continues to Develop Asian Markets

British Columbia's lumber exports to Asia continue to rise in both volume and product value. This is the result of solid, ongoing collaborative efforts between the Province of British Columbia, the Government of Canada and industry showing international customers the immense value and versatility of our forest products.

Coast Forest Products Association knows the importance of these government-led trade missions. In October, Rick Jeffery represented the Association on a 10-day mission to Japan and China led by Forests Minister Steve Thomson. Read on.

Our Forests - Our Roots: Interfor Hammond Mill

Coast Forest Continues to Develop Asian Markets

The forest industry in coastal British Columbia is firmly rooted in our heritage, and, at the same time, maintains close connections to coastal communities today. One example is Interfor, a world-leading lumber company committed to building communities and member of Coast Forest Products Association. Read on.

CBC Radio Interview with Coast Forest

CBC Radio Interview with Coast ForestCBC's Gregor Craigie speaks with Coast Forest Products Association's Rick Jeffery about the success of the recent Asia Trade Mission, forest inventories and other topics.

Click here to listen to podcast

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Online Snowball Fight! Have Fun Supporting Coastal Forestry!

Online Snowball Fight

If a strong and healthy coastal forest industry is important to you, we invite you to show your support by participating in a fun, online snowball fight!

Here's how:

1. Watch the video

2. Follow the prompt - visit our new website

3. Throw your own snowball by sharing the video!

4. Have fun!

New Video! Faces of Forestry

Not only is the website, Our Forests - Our Roots designed to demonstrate the level of support for coastal forestry but it is also intended to inform and educate those outside of industry.

One way we are communicating this is through videos showcasing the many faces of coastal forestry - and we just posted a new one!

New Video! Faces of Forestry

Click here to view our latest interview with Ryan Dvorak of Port Alberni. Ryan is a high school teacher passionate about educating our youth about modern coastal forestry.

Featured Member Richmond Plywood Corporation Ltd.

Featured Member

For more than 50 years, Richmond Plywood Corporation Ltd. (Richply) has been manufacturing high-quality plywood products for local and world markets. It offers one of the largest selections of plywood in Canada, and an order file that rivals the largest producers in North America. It produces a full range of softwood plywood, from sheathing to high-end specialty panels.

Richply has recently invested $15 million in new equipment upgrades.

Click here to find out more about Richply and other Coast Forest members.

Coast Forest Supports a Family Through the Boys & Girls Club of South Coast BC

Coast Forest Supports a Family Through the Boys & Girls Club of South Coast BC

Coast Forest staff is thrilled to once again support a family in need this Christmas through the Boys and Club of South Coast BC. We had loads of fun buying warm clothes, grocery cards, home essentials and some treats for a family of 5.

If you are looking for ways to warm your heart and truly experience the holiday spirit, we highly recommend that you support the great work of the Boys and Girls Club of South Coast BC - it'll go a long way to making a profound impact on the lives of kids here on the Coast.


Bob O'Neal - Congratulations on his appointment as Forestry Director for the District of Mission

Ben Stewart - Congratulations on his appointment as British Columbia's Investment and Trade Commissioner for Asia.

Coast Forest would like to thank Catalyst's Bob Lindstrom and Lyn Brown for their work and contributions to the Association and the entire coastal forest industry. Both Bob and Lyn are true leaders in their respective fields who have made great contributions to shaping the modern industry as it is today. We wish them all of the very best in their future endeavors.

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About Coast Forest

About Coast Forest

Coast Forest Products Association represents a modern industry made up of forestry companies that produce logs, lumber and pulp and paper.

Coast Forest companies are known for their world-leading stewardship practices and focuses on sustainability. They represent an innovative, high-tech industry that is creating a growing array of forest and wood products for expanding overseas and domestic markets.

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