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Summer 2015Volume 19

President's Perspective

Forestry in Transition

Forestry in Transition

The forest industry, much like the forests we rely on, is in a perpetual state of transition. Markets swing, customer demands shift, new research and experience informs, practices and technology evolve, climate patterns change, and people, politics and the law transform. This myriad of factors means the industry is in a perpetual state of adaptation. Innovation is a necessity - not a luxury. Read on.

Rick Jeffery

Rick Jeffery
President & CEO,
Coast Forest Products Association

Great Bear Rainforest - At the Finish Line

The British Columbia government is seeking public comments on proposed amendments to land use objectives for the Great Bear Rainforest.

The draft order offers a unique solution for this globally significant area. It was developed by the Province, the Coastal First Nations and the Nanwakolas Council using technical recommendations from the Joint Solutions Project, a coalition of major environmental organizations and BC coastal forest companies. Read on.

Coastal Forestry Taps Opportunities

Coastal Forestry Taps Opportunities

Photo Courtesy of FPInnovations

British Columbia's coastal forestry companies have long recognized the high value of innovation and the opportunities it creates to revolutionize the industry. For more than six years, Coast Forest Products Association and FPInnovations have collaborated with industry to yield a host of value-chain products and systems that have supported the modernization of the industry and strengthened the economy of our province.

One example is the BC Coastal Initiative in which FPInnovations' research and development, in partnership with industry, federal and provincial governments and CFPA, has yielded coastal reinvestment, optimized wood flow, reduced environmental impact and improved remote sensing capabilities, products and harvesting. Read on.

Congratulations to Catalyst Paper, Corporate Knights' Best 50

Coastal Forestry Taps Opportunities

Coast Forest Products Association would like to extend a warm congratulations to Coast Forest member, Catalyst Paper on being named to Corporate Knights' Best 50 Canadian Corporate Citizens list for the ninth consecutive year. Catalyst was also one of the five member companies in the Coast Forest Conservation Initiative (CFCI) who helped bring about the historic Great Bear Rainforest land use agreement, which took 15 years of cooperative effort between CFCI, environmental organizations, labour, communities, First Nations, and the provincial government. As the largest purchaser of fibre in BC, this agreement provides assurance to Catalyst's customers that their fibre is acquired from sustainably-managed, non-controversial sources. These two significant achievements demonstrate Catalyst's ongoing long-term commitment to sustainability, environmental stewardship, and social responsibility. Read on.

Forestry Inspires and Entertains at First-Ever SheTalks Resources Conference

SheTalks Resources Conference

From rough and tumble field workers to independent business leaders, the speakers of the first SheTalks Resources conference embodied a vital part of BC's natural resource sector - and forestry was no exception!

This past May, BCIT Downtown Campus held an audience of nearly 200 women and men, captivated by 15 extraordinary speakers that SheTalks Resources Conferencedrew in over 1.7 million impressions on Twitter. Presented by Resource Works and SheTalks Global, the event focused on the stories and journeys of speakers from every corner of the industry. Forestry highlights included talks given by Karen Brandt, Director, Public Affairs and Corporate Communications of Interfor and RFP Makenzie Leine, Chair of Canadian Women in Timber. Read on.

Coast Forest Applauds Commitment to Forestry in 2015 Federal Budget

Coast Forest Products Association is pleased at the federal government's budget announcement that continues to build on nine years of recognition for the key importance of our forest industry. Included in the 2015 budget is support for manufacturing, skills development, expanded trade and for the implementation of the Species at Risk Act. Also included is further funding for the Forest Innovation Program and the Expanding Market Opportunities Program. Read on.

B.C.'s Coastal Forest Industry Addresses Cumulative Effects

The British Columbia Auditor General released a new audit report today on the topic of cumulative effects. The report is timely as competing demands on B.C.'s land base have increased significantly in the past decade.

The report, Managing the Cumulative Effects of Natural Resource Development in B.C. recognized British Columbia's leadership in assessing and managing the values that impact cumulative effects. Currently, Coast Forest Products Association members take an integrated approach to managing these social, economic and environmental values which include (but are not restricted to) biodiversity, species at risk, riparian areas, old growth areas, tourism and recreation and timber supply. Read on.

Working Together in Challenging Wildfire Conditions

The summer of 2015 has started out with dry forest conditions, characterized by record low snow packs and low levels of precipitation in June. Coast Forest would like to commend the Province of British Columbia for their strong commitment to managing wildfires, and ensuring that the people, property, and forests of British Columbia are protected. We would also like to extend a very special thanks to the forest fighters for their extraordinary efforts, bravery and dedication in fighting the wildfires of this year.

We must all be vigilant in our actions in and around the forests during this dry season. Please see information below on fire prohibitions, prevention and reporting.

Note to Industry: The B.C. Wildfire Centre is asking forest companies to contact their regional Fire Centre manager to discuss how they can assist in the efforts. For more information, please contact Kevin Skrepnek,Chief Fire Information Officer, BC Wildfire Service at 250 312-3052

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Carolyn Tuckwell's Inspiring Talk at Sam Sullivan's Global Civic Public Salon

Carolyn Tuckwell's Inspiring Talk at Sam Sullivan's Global Civic Public Salon

Carolyn Tuckwell, President and CEO of the Boys and Girls Club of South Coast BC, speaks at the 21st Global Civic public salon. Click on the link to watch the video!

Coast Forest and its member companies support the Boys & Girls Club of South Coast BC

CFPA Members in the Media

Western Forest Products Announces Election of Directors.

TimberWest works with Nanaimo students to plant trees for Earth Week.

New Interfor mill allows company to grow in region with access to valuable lumber markets.

Lake Cowichan looks to host BC Community Forest Association's annual general meeting.

Congratulations to Catalyst Paper, Corporate Knight's Best 50 Citizens.

$30-million investment to sustain coastal forestry.

CFPA Members in the Media

To read the news and stories that matter to the coastal forestry community check out our blog.

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We're so excited for next week's #SheTalks Resources, presented by @Resource_Works in #YVR on May 4th!

#Vancouver #architecture firm @MGArchitecture proposes #timber skyscraper for #Paris skyline.

Very inspired speech tonight by @christyclarkbc on delivering strong economy for all British Columbians @bcliberals

Check out the upcoming Festival of #Forestry, July 8-10 2015. #BC

FPAC to launch executive search for new President and CEO. @FPAC_APFC

"Transforming the forest industry: The future of energy & bioproducts" highlighted Bio Energy Expo & Conference 2015.

$715,000 contribution to Genome British Columbia supports development of genomics technology. @fpinnovations

Check out Melody's post on our blog! Beautiful shots from a #hike in #BC's coastal #forests!

Modern biorefineries produce #innovative #forest products like Nanocrystalline cellulose & cellulose filaments @NRCan

In @NorthCowichan, all harvested areas are replanted.

Using processes like heli-logging, Taan is able to select individual high quality #timber

We asked 10 employees, "Why Catalyst?"
Watch what happened next!
CFPA Members in the Media

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Coast Forest Elects New Board of Directors

Coast Forest Elects New Board of Directors

Featured Member

Coast Forest Welcomes
Newest Member:
Klahoose Forest Partnership Ltd.

Coast Forest Elects New Board of Directors

Coast Forest is thrilled to announce Klahoose Forestry Limited Partnership is the Association's newest member addition. A dynamic, innovative and forward-thinking business, Klahoose in an important contribution to Coast Forest Products Association.

Klahoose is an 11-staff member subsidiary of Qathen Xwegus Management Corporation (QXMC) that is managed by Klahoose First Nation. Read on.

About Coast Forest

About Coast Forest

Coast Forest Products Association represents a modern industry made up of forestry companies that produce logs, lumber and pulp and paper.

Coast Forest companies are known for their world-leading stewardship practices and focuses on sustainability. They represent an innovative, high-tech industry that is creating a growing array of forest and wood products for expanding overseas and domestic markets.

Big news! Coast Forest and COFI have come together as one
organization for a stronger, unified voice for BC's forest industry.
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Please visit BC Council of Forest Industries for more information on BC forestry.

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