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Susan Gagnon

Director of Communications & Research

More About Planting Trees….On BC’s Coast!

Seedlings with protective biodegradeable barriers planted on BC's coast

Seedlings with protective biodegradeable barriers planted on BC’s coast

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There’s lots of facts about coastal forestry that most people don’t know – and tree-planting is one of them!

Coast Forest companies take tree-planting very seriously – it’s a key part of our how they sustain forests and habitats both today and in the future. Here’s some cool facts about tree-planting on BC’s coast:


  • Coast Forest companies plant about 17 million trees every year!
  • BC is a world leader in forest management with some of the strictest forest policies and innovative forest practices in the world!
  • Planting on BC’s coast is science-based and eco-system specific. The right species mix of trees are grown in nurseries and then planted in the ecologically appropriate spots ensuring they grow into healthy new forests.
  • Tree-planting companies and nurseries provide jobs important for many people throughout BC.
  • The seedlings even get TLC! Why? Because deer and other animals find that they make tasty snacks and cedar is their favorite. How? Tree-planters place small, protective biodegradable barriers around the new seedlings to ensure that they survive.

Find out more!

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• Website: Tree-planter.com
• Website: naturally:wood

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