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mag-wood-dust-management-01British Columbia’s wood products manufacturers have come together in an unprecedented, voluntary collaboration to advance research and best practices in improving mill safety in response to devastating mill explosions in 2012. Our aim with this portal is to widely share our knowledge with industry and stakeholders.


Bulletin – Assessing Areas of Combustible Dust Accumulation
A number of industry stakeholders have asked for clarification on the approach prevention officers are taking with respect to determining the area to be assessed for combustible wood dust accumulations.
Current officer instructions and WorkSafeBC’s OHS Guideline G5.81 limit wood dust accumulations to 1/8” over 5% of a given work area. Stakeholders are requesting clarification of what prevention officers will consider to be a given work area for determination of the 5%.
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Sawmills — Investigations, inspections, and industry resources
WorkSafe BC has developed a series of instructive materials designed to heighten awareness of combustible wood dust hazards, and to highlight everyone’s responsibility for workplace safety, including the right to refuse work under unsafe conditions that could lead to wood dust fire or explosion. View the tools/resources on the WorkSafe BC website at:

MAG Resources

Guides and Standards
Research and Analysis on Wood Dust
  • Sawmill Wood Dust Sampling Analysis and Explosibility PDF
  • FPInnovations Literature Review – Wood Dust Explosions PDF
  • Sawmill Wood Dust Sampling and Measurement PDF

WorkSafe BC Resources

Combustible Wood Dust Management Toolbox
  • Combustible wood dust management program development guide PDF
  • Combustible wood dust mitigation and control checklist PDF
Combustible Wood Dust Resources for Workers and Supervisors
  • Combustible Wood Dust: Awareness and Controls PDF
  • What is Combustible Wood Dust? PDF
  • Crew Talk Backgrounder for Supervisors and Safety Managers PDF
  • Handout for Workers PDF
  • Wood Dust Refusal for Unsafe Work PDF
  • Work Dust Right to Refuse Bulletin PDF
Other Information and Resources

BC Safety Authority Resources

Safety Orders
  • Safety Order: Electrical Equipment Located in Sawmills May 8, 2013 PDF
  • Safety Order: Combustible Dust Hazard in Wood Processing Facilities May 7, 2013 PDF
  • Safety Order: Electrical Equipment Located in Wood Pellet Manufacturing Plants Sept. 18, 2012 PDF
Other Information and Resources
  • Hazardous Location Requirements – Gas Equipment Installations December 12, 2013 PDF
  • Presentation on Hazardous Locations – Combustible Wood Dust PDF

Fire Inspection and Prevention Initiative (FIPI) Resources

Training Resources

Other Resources

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