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Rick Jeffery

President & CEO, Coast Forest Products Association

Federal Budget Supports Forestry in Tough Economic Times

Coast Forest Products Association commends the Government of Canada for maintaining spending on programs aimed at transforming the forest sector even while tough measures are being taken to tackle the deficit. The federal budget confirms investment of $105 million over two years for forestry innovation and market development.

This budget will help the forest sector become stronger, more competitive and diversified which is good news for high paying forestry jobs in coastal communities. 

Continued funding of these programs will supportCanada’s global reputation as the world’s leading producer of top-quality, sustainably harvested forest products and will continue market diversification efforts benefitting forest communities and forest workers not only in B.C. but acrossCanada. Government support is crucial to continue the momentum and realize the maximum benefits of the transformative programs that have already had such great success in places likeChinaandJapan.

We’ve seen the impact of this type of government support and partnerships with industry in communities like Ladysmith where Western Forest Product’s Saltair Mill is running a second line and in Surrey where the J.S. Jones small log mill is running two shifts to keep up withChina’s feverish demand for coastal hemlock products.

This budget signals the continuation of these successful efforts to diversity products and markets that is critical to providing jobs and growth in the forest sector.

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