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Canada Wood Completes Community Centre in Tsunami-hit Japan; Breaks Ground on Next Project

Published July 10, 2014 on the Canada Wood Group Blog by Wayne Iversen – Source

Japanese children living in temporary housing after 2011 earthquake will benefit from community facility; new project will help disabled people

Canada Wood is pleased to announce the completion of the latest project in the Canada-Tohoku Reconstruction Project, set up to help those devastated by the 2011 tsunami in Japan. Oranda Jima House, which is an after school care and community centre facility in Yamada Machi, Iwate, has been built as part of a collaboration between the Canadian lumber industry and its partners.

Oranda Jima House has been donated to the town as a public facility to serve those living in Yamada Machi and who are still dealing with the after effects of the tsunami more than three years later. Located adjacent to the Funakoshi Elementary school, the 194 square metre building features playrooms, a music room with sound proof walls, a courtyard, quiet space and counseling rooms, as well as a playground and multi-purpose kitchen and deck.

“We are delighted to have had the opportunity to collaborate with a dedicated team of international partners in the Oranda Jima Foundation and renowned architect Martin van der Linden as well as local builder Sasaki Gumi,” says Shawn Lawlor, Director of Japan Operations with Canada Wood. “It’s wonderful to see the town’s children laughing, playing and enjoying their new after school children’s club. We hope that this facility provides the children and community of Yamada Machi many years of enjoyment and helps them move forward with their lives”.

As well as completion of Oranda Jima House, construction is set to begin next month on the fourth and final community building in the Canada Tohoku Reconstruction project. The Jericho Support Centre for the Disabled will be based in Iwaki City, Fukushima Prefecture and it will be completed in January 2015. The Jericho Support Centre for the Disabled will join Oranda Jima House, the Donguri Ann Library and the Yuriage Public Market as projects completed under the Canada Wood Group partnership.

“It’s very important for us to be involved in all of these vital community projects,” says Rick Jeffery, Canada Wood Group President and President and CEO, Coast Forest Products Association. “Our friends and partners in Japan needed help that we were able to give and we were only too pleased to be able to assist them as they dealt with a very difficult situation.”

For its contribution to the Oranda Jima project, the Canada Wood Group donated all of the structural lumber and panel products as well as the wood finishing materials for this project. The contributions included Canada Tsuga posts, sill plates and Mabashira studs, Douglas Fir beams, SPF roof rafters, OSB structural panels and Western Red Cedar decking, siding and panel products. Thanks to the project’s robust design and use of quality Canadian wood products, the children of Yamada will be able to safely use this clubhouse for many years to come.

About Oranda Jima Foundation
Oranda Jima Foundation is a Dutch not-for-profit organization that was established to provide community support and economic assistance to the residents of Yamada, Iwate Prefecture, following the devastating impact of the March 11, 2011 earthquake and tsunami. The name Oranda Jima is inspired by a small island in Yamada Bay, Iwate Prefecture, which traces its maritime history with the Netherlands back to 1643, and is a symbol of international cooperation.

About Canada Wood Group
The Canada Wood Group (CWG) is a coalition of Canadian industry trade associations which represent Canada’s forest sector market development, market access and technical interests in offshore markets including Japan, China, South Korea, India, the United Kingdom, continental Europe and other countries. Through the co-funded Expanding Market Opportunities Program (a program of Natural Resources Canada), Forestry Innovation Investment Ltd. and industry funding, CWG provides infrastructure, market development and market access services on behalf of nine member associations. URL: www.canadawood.org

The Canada-Tohoku Reconstruction Project is able to operate thanks to the invaluable support of stakeholders, partners and contributors who include: Canada Wood Group, Government of Canada – Natural Resources Canada, Province of British Columbia, Province of Alberta and Canadian forestry companies including: Ainsworth Engineered; Ardew Wood Products Ltd.; AP Group; Canadian Forest Products Ltd.; Hampton Affiliates; International Forest Products Ltd.; Sinclar Group Forest Products Ltd.; Taiga Building Products; Teal Jones Group; TimberWest Forest Corp.; Western Forest Products Inc.; and Interex Forest Products Ltd. representing Carrier Lumber Ltd., Dunkley Lumber Ltd., Millar Western Forest Industries Ltd. and Sundance Forest Industries Ltd.

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