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Building Overseas Opportunities

Given the uncertainty in international trade agreements, market diversification is vital to the health of the coastal forest industry.  Early this March, FII India led another delegation from British Columbia and Canada on a trade mission to India to gain further understanding of the opportunities for Canadian wood.  Coast Forest Products Association represented BC’s coastal forest sector on this trip.

The delegates met with manufacturers and builders including those specializing in prefabricated construction, commercial homes, interior design, furniture, windows and doors. They also visited a development by BMM Real Estate Group, which includes 60 wooden cottages on 16 acres using J-grade SPF; Prestige Lakeside Habitat, which includes 271 low-rise villas using yellow cedar for windows and doors; and Shanthi Vijaya Saw Mills, one of the largest lumber traders/importers in Bangalore.

BC companies, including those operating on the coast, produce a wide variety of high quality, environmentally friendly forest products that can help meet India’s growing demand for wood. Learn more about FII India’s market development activities at www.canadianwood.in.

Big news! Coast Forest and COFI have come together as one
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