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Rick Jeffery

Rick Jeffery

President & CEO, Coast Forest Products Association

When not in the boardroom, Rick is an avid cyclist and supporter of the Boys and Girls Club of South Coast BC

An Elephant Never Forgets – But It’s Time to Renew Our Understanding of Coastal Forestry

Coast Forest is in Asia right now on a trade mission working to expand overseas markets for coastal lumber and pulp and paper.  There have been a number of similar missions over the years led by our Premier, ministers and others from the Province of British Columbia, the Government of Canada and CEOs from the forest industry.

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The Face of Investment in Coastal Forestry – Part 1 of 3

Coastal forestry companies in British Columbia have been re-investing in their operations.  In fact, over the past five years, during some of the darkest economic times in the history of our industry, Coast Forest companies have invested an estimated half a billion dollars in operations and systems upgrades and improvements.

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Partnerships Between Coastal Forestry and First Nations – MOUs and So Much More

By Rick Jeffery, President and CEO, Coast Forest Products Association

Dallas Smith, President of Nanwakolas Council noted this month that the relationship between forestry and First Nations “has evolved from adversarial to one of respect and that shares mutual priorities.”  This was just after signing a landmark Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) this month between Nanwakolas Council and Coast Forest Products Association.

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Improvements in Wood Dust Management Standards

Rick Jeffery, President and CEO, Coast Forest Products Association

The WorkSafeBC Review and Action Plan by Gordon Macatee released this month listed a total of forty-three recommendations aimed to raise WorkSafeBC’s inspection and investigation regime to world-class standards.  Six of the forty-three recommendations are aimed at wood dust management in British Columbia.

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Welcome Support for British Columbia’s Pulp and Paper Sector and the People who Depend on it

Rick Jeffery, President and CEO, Coast Forest Products Association

Mayor Formosa of Powell River called pulp and paper industry, “the economic backbone” of the communities that rely on it.

While we often hear that a healthy industry is important from an economic or social standpoint, sometimes lost in the message is the real and palpable impact that the industry has on people’s lives.  The new Power Smart program recently announced by the Government of British Columbia and BC Hydro is a significant step in supporting our environment, B.C.’s pulp and paper sector and the quality of life for thousands.

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Coast Forest Products Association Statement Regarding the Supreme Court of Canada Decision in the William Case

The recent decision by the Supreme Court of Canada in the William case will be thoroughly reviewed by Coast Forest Products Association in the coming days.  While the decision adds further direction regarding aboriginal title and how the application of provincial law and regulation will apply on First Nations title lands, the case is complex.  An in-depth analysis is needed to fully assess the implications for B.C.’s coastal forest industry as well as for the people and communities who depend on it.
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Coast Forest Congratulates Hidehiko Fumoto on the Receipt of the Dr. Sugiyama Award


Coast Forest Products Association would like to extend a warm congratulations to Hidehiko Fumoto for receiving the 2014 Dr. Hideo Sugiyama Award.  The award was presented  this month by JTE Fund Management Committee Chair Dr. Ando at a special ceremony at Yayoi Hall in University of Tokyo.

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Coast Forest Products Association on the New Mandate Letters to Honourable Steve Thomson and Honourable John Rustad

On behalf of Coast Forest Products Association, we welcome the new mandate letters issued by Premier Christy Clark to Honourable Steve Thomson, Minister of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations and to Honourable John Rustad, Minister of Aboriginal Relations and Reconciliation.

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Area-Based Tenure: Neither Good nor Evil

“Casting these complex issues as battles of good versus evil just means we all lose,” notes Dylan Jones, President of Canada West Foundation on the politicking surrounding resource development. As we near the end of the area-based tenure public consultation initiated by the Province of British Columbia, we see a ramping up of these types of rhetorical characterizations to the detriment of the development of good policy.

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Coast Forest Welcomes B.C.’s New Skills for Jobs Blueprint

Coast Forest Products Association applauds the new strategy unveiled today by the Government of British Columbia entitled, “B.C.’s Skills for Jobs Blueprint: Re-engineering Education and Training”. The coast forest industry in B.C. is a key economic driver contributing an estimated 11% to the coastal GDP and providing over 38,000 jobs to people in communities throughout our province. Bridging the gap between employment opportunities and skilled workers is becoming an increasing challenge for our industry. We welcome further opportunities to meet our labour needs through collaboration with the Province under this new strategy.