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Rick Jeffery

Rick Jeffery

President & CEO, Coast Forest Products Association

When not in the boardroom, Rick is an avid cyclist and supporter of the Boys and Girls Club of South Coast BC

Congratulations Joe Nemeth

Coast Forest Products Association would like to extend its sincere congratulations to Mr. Joe Nemeth for his recent appointment as President and Chief Executive Officer at Catalyst Paper. We have had the pleasure of working with Mr. Nemeth during his 30 years in the forestry sector. He has demonstrated both leadership and an acute knowledge of the industry through his executive positions in sales, marketing and operations.

Mr. Nemeth’s most recent role was that of President and CEO of Canfor Pulp. His proficiency in operations and management will be an invaluable asset to both Catalyst Paper and BC’s Coastal Forest sector.

We look forward to working with Mr. Nemeth in his new capacity.

Remembering Graham Lea

Graham Lea knew politics and he knew people. Working with Graham lead me to realize they are inextricably linked. Politics is as much about listening and managing people is it is about policies and procedures. Graham knew that to get things done you needed not only to understand the issues and have your research done but you also needed to understand the interests and needs of the other involved parties. He was fond of saying that a solution that killed the other guy was no solution at all. He knew interest based negotiations long before it became a fad. He also taught me that pigs get fat and hogs get slaughtered. Read more

Coast Forest Congratulates the Honourable Steven Thomson

Coast Forest Products Association congratulates the Honourable Steven Thomson on his re-election as MLA of Kelowna-Mission and his reappointment today as Minister of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations. The association looks forward to continuing to work with the minister and his staff to further grow the sustainability and economic health of the coast forest industry.

“We are extremely pleased to continue build on the successes made so far with Minister Thomson along with Premier Christy Clark and the entire BC Liberal team,” says Coast Forest’s President and CEO, Rick Jeffery. “We have some important key issues to move forward as the industry strives to build on stability, certainty and competitiveness and the Minister’s experience and knowledge of BC forestry will facilitate this quickly and efficiently.”

In the Post-Election World, Coastal Forestry’s Next Steps need to be Taken Together

Coast Forest Products Association congratulates the BC Liberal Party for their impressive victory in the 2013 provincial election.  Their return to government means continuity of the good policy work accomplished so far in forestry. Read more

Safe Travels, Tom Lundgren – and Thanks!

I find that forestry tends to attract some amazing people. Tom Lundgren is an excellent example.  He’s just retired from Interfor after spending more than 40 years as a forester in BC, and almost all of that on the coast.  He will be sorely missed.

I know I am just one of many who admire and respect Tom, for his knowledge and leadership and for his no-holds-barred passion for the people and communities along our coast. He really cares, and every job over the years touched him personally.

That’s probably what makes him one of the hardest-working and most tenacious people I have known. Read more

Forestry on the BC Coast – It’s In The Fibre of Our Being

The coastal forest industry wants to set the record straight. While broad and catchy statements are often made about forestry, we are now in the final days of the provincial campaign when emotions run high and politics supersede fact in the public dialogue. Though industries can be depersonalized in the mix, the impact is personal to the hard-working people whose lives depend on the health of forestry. To them, the consequences of misinformation pack a punch.

We have seen flawed claims, assumptions and information make their rounds lately. These have real consequences on real lives and we would like to provide clarification: Read more

Coast Forest On the Opening of the Yuriage Public Market in Japan

coast_forest_blog_intro_tohokuWatch Video

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On behalf of Coast Forest Products Association, I would like to congratulate the Canada Wood Group for the May 4th, 2013 opening of the Yuriage Public Market.   This is the result of an extraordinary partnership* between the Canadian forest industry, the Government of Canada, the Province of British Columbia and Alberta.  Read more

Thank you, Kevin J. Clarke – You and Catalyst Raised the Bar

Kevin Clarke

Kevin J. Clarke, President and Chief Executive Officer of Catalyst will be stepping down later this spring and Coast Forest Products Association would like to thank him for the significant contribution he made to the coastal forest sector.  As CEO of Catalyst for the past three years, Kevin successfully steered the company through challenging times allowing it to restructure and quickly emerge once again as a leading company in the paper and pulp industry not only in BC but on a global scale.

Read more

President’s Perspective – More Similarities Than Differences

With the writ for the May 14th British Columbia provincial election about to be dropped the parties have now released their forestry platforms. It doesn’t appear that there are significant, contentious wedge issues in forest policy.

Both mainstream parties share common elements when it comes to policy. These include: plans for skills and employment training that can benefit the forest sector; strong support for the market development partnership between industry and government; providing additional funding for silviculture activities and assisting affected communities in the mountain pine beetle areas; and money for forest inventories and research.  The parties also both recognize that log exports are important but differ in opinion regarding the appropriate amount. This highlights that while they appear to agree on these issues, how they are designed, delivered and funded is of vital importance.  To this end, we must learn from past mistakes and build on our recent successes. Read more

Coast Forestry – A Keystone Sector in a Brave New World

lcj grab coneAt its worst, change can be challenging but at its best it can represent a seed of hope for a better future. The recently released Legend of Johnny Canuck YouTube video symbolizes change in the form of the major strides made by the British Columbian coast forest sector over the years, especially in terms of sustainability.

When I earned my forestry degree back in 1983, forestry worked much differently than it does today. Since then, we have seen advances in science and our increased understanding has propelled us to innovate and adapt to reflect the changing times and society’s values. We’ve gained new knowledge and applied it to our practices. Read more