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Rick Jeffery

Rick Jeffery

President & CEO, Coast Forest Products Association

When not in the boardroom, Rick is an avid cyclist and supporter of the Boys and Girls Club of South Coast BC

Coast Forest Congratulates Hidehiko Fumoto on the Receipt of the Dr. Sugiyama Award


Coast Forest Products Association would like to extend a warm congratulations to Hidehiko Fumoto for receiving the 2014 Dr. Hideo Sugiyama Award.  The award was presented  this month by JTE Fund Management Committee Chair Dr. Ando at a special ceremony at Yayoi Hall in University of Tokyo.

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Coast Forest Products Association on the New Mandate Letters to Honourable Steve Thomson and Honourable John Rustad

On behalf of Coast Forest Products Association, we welcome the new mandate letters issued by Premier Christy Clark to Honourable Steve Thomson, Minister of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations and to Honourable John Rustad, Minister of Aboriginal Relations and Reconciliation.

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Area-Based Tenure: Neither Good nor Evil

“Casting these complex issues as battles of good versus evil just means we all lose,” notes Dylan Jones, President of Canada West Foundation on the politicking surrounding resource development. As we near the end of the area-based tenure public consultation initiated by the Province of British Columbia, we see a ramping up of these types of rhetorical characterizations to the detriment of the development of good policy.

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Coast Forest Welcomes B.C.’s New Skills for Jobs Blueprint

Coast Forest Products Association applauds the new strategy unveiled today by the Government of British Columbia entitled, “B.C.’s Skills for Jobs Blueprint: Re-engineering Education and Training”. The coast forest industry in B.C. is a key economic driver contributing an estimated 11% to the coastal GDP and providing over 38,000 jobs to people in communities throughout our province. Bridging the gap between employment opportunities and skilled workers is becoming an increasing challenge for our industry. We welcome further opportunities to meet our labour needs through collaboration with the Province under this new strategy.

Coast Forest Supports the End to the Port Disruption

Coast Forest Products Association is pleased at the announcement today that demonstrates the strong leadership by the Government of Canada, the Province of British Columbia and Port Metro Vancouver to protect our economy and end the disruption by truckers at Port Metro Vancouver. 

The truckers strike at the Port has negatively affected B.C.’s coastal forest industry; impacting thousands of companies and the livelihoods of people throughout our province.  Coast Forest has worked on behalf of its member companies speaking out publicly* against this disruption and collaborating with both industry and partners over recent weeks to encourage a resolution. 

We further support the governments of Canada and B.C., along with Port Metro Vancouver with the planned reform of the licensing system and the move to terminate licenses.  Along with the 14-point Action plan under the guidance of Mr. Vince Ready, this is a fair and effective solution that will further reduce the probability of future similar disruptions.

*A Call to Resolve the Disruption at Port Metro Vancouver

 Port Strike Continues, Interview with Rick Jeffery, CBC Early Edition, March 14th


Coast Forest Products Association Meets with Prime Minister Stephen Harper

Rick and harperCoast Forest Products Association attended a roundtable session today with Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Minister Ed Fast and Minister James Moore.  The session was very informative and Mr. Harper addressed topics such as the strong Canadian economy, market opportunities and Canada’s ambitious trade agenda including how forestry benefits from the new free trade deal with Korea.

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Coast Forest Products Association Applauds New Canada-Korea Free Trade Agreement (CKFTA)

1842601On behalf of the Coast Forest Products Association, we applaud Prime Minister Stephen Harper and the Government of Canada for the recent announcement of the new bilateral free trade agreement with South Korea.

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A Call to Resolve the Disruption at Port Metro Vancouver

The recent disruption by truckers at Port Metro Vancouver is having a significant, negative impact on BC’s coastal forest industry. Coast Forest Products Association (CFPA) represents twenty forestry companies that operate on the coast of BC producing logs, lumber, pulp and paper as well as a growing array of new and innovative forest products for markets worldwide.

We applaud the positive steps made by Minister Raitt with the appointment of Vince Ready, however, the threat of continued port delays with the newly-announced strike are of dire concern to our industry. We are an export-driven industry and our customers in Asia and Europe demand timely delivery of our products.

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Exciting Plans in 2014 for BC’s Coastal Forest Industry

Coast Forest Products Association applauds the points made by Minister Steve Thomson at a talk he delivered today at the Annual Truck Loggers Convention.   Stating that 2014 will be an exciting year, the Minister cited that investment in industry is a hallmark of coastal forestry in British Columbia and will be a major focus for Government in the coming year.  In addition, Government will also be working on further developing the effectiveness of BCTS, reducing the regulatory red tape and continuing to develop the market in India and other countries – all to further increase industry competitiveness in the global marketplace.  Coast Forest fully supports these initiatives and anticipates an exciting and productive year of collaboration with the Minister and Government.

Every Picture Tells a Story – A Snapshot of an Integrated and Transforming Industry

As we get set to put the finishing touches on 2013 in just a few weeks, it’s a good time to take stock of one of British Columbia’s most important industries – about where it is and where we’d like to see it go.

The latest studies by PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PwC) and Coast Forest Products Association have unveiled an exciting snapshot of where coast forestry is today.  It reveals a people-focussed industry that has undergone exciting transformations and emerged dynamic, modern, sustainable and high-tech.  We pride ourselves on being highly integrated across industries with our member companies offering a plethora of opportunities that positively impact the lifestyles and livelihoods of thousands of British Columbians.

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