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Rick Jeffery

Rick Jeffery

President & CEO, Coast Forest Products Association

When not in the boardroom, Rick is an avid cyclist and supporter of the Boys and Girls Club of South Coast BC

Celebrating International Day of Forests


Today marks the United Nation’s International Day of Forests.  In honour of this occasion, The Honourable Greg Rickford, Canada’s Minister of Natural Resources joined Canadians in celebrating our forests and the fact that our country has much to be proud of.  For one, we have over 160 million hectares of sustainably managed forests; this is the largest of any country on the globe.

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India: An Opportunity on Our Horizon, a World Away

As the car carrying our small group of BC forestry representatives winds its way through the village of MacLeod Ganj in the sun drenched hills of Northern India, we pass by a sawmill.  It is a familiar sight that we’ve seen throughout our 10 day journey.  The small mill consists of a single band saw and pile of twenty or so crooked 5 foot logs of undetermined species being cut by hand by half a dozen people.

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B.C. forest industry stands tall again


New research shows plenty of reason to support a modern, redefined forest industry

When paycheques find their way into bank accounts around the province this Friday or next, almost 150,000 British Columbians will have B.C.’s backbone industry to thank for at least a piece of that deposit, all of it for some 58,000 people directly employed by forestry.

Now, 150,000 may not seem like a big number in a city the size of Vancouver. But in a place such as Williams Lake, where two in seven people are employed directly in the industry, it means plenty.

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The Coast in Brief – Primary and Secondary Segments Together

100 secondary and remanufacturing companies working in British Columbia’s coast forest industry produced over $1.6 billion worth of sales and employed 3100 people in 2012.*  These companies producing value-added goods are an important and integrated part of the supply chain of our industry which includes major primary companies that are members of Coast Forest Products Association.  This successful synergy works and needs to be acknowledged – it is not a competition between companies as  Mr. Cameron recently mentioned in a Vancouver Sun interview.

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A Competitive Coastal Forest Industry is a Gift to Us All

industry-vision-2014-06Competitive BC companies support British Columbians, their businesses, and communities throughout our province.  Coast Forest’s new Vision for coastal forestry demonstrates how our industry provides jobs, provincial revenue and drives our economy.   Our companies might operate south of the LNG line but, like the roots, trunk and branches of a tree, thousands of lives throughout our province are linked to our industry in some way.

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A Clear Vision For The Future of BC’s Coastal Forest Industry

industry-vision-2014-01Coast Forest Products Association has introduced a clear, new vision for the coast forest industry. This  image is not only competitive, sustainable and innovative but also adaptable and conducive to British Columbians thriving within their communities. Like any vision that has a chance for success, it comes complete with a blueprint outlining where we are today and the steps and parties required to make it a reality.

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An Elephant Never Forgets – But It’s Time to Renew Our Understanding of Coastal Forestry

Coast Forest is in Asia right now on a trade mission working to expand overseas markets for coastal lumber and pulp and paper.  There have been a number of similar missions over the years led by our Premier, ministers and others from the Province of British Columbia, the Government of Canada and CEOs from the forest industry.

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The Face of Investment in Coastal Forestry – Part 1 of 3

Coastal forestry companies in British Columbia have been re-investing in their operations.  In fact, over the past five years, during some of the darkest economic times in the history of our industry, Coast Forest companies have invested an estimated half a billion dollars in operations and systems upgrades and improvements.

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Partnerships Between Coastal Forestry and First Nations – MOUs and So Much More

By Rick Jeffery, President and CEO, Coast Forest Products Association

Dallas Smith, President of Nanwakolas Council noted this month that the relationship between forestry and First Nations “has evolved from adversarial to one of respect and that shares mutual priorities.”  This was just after signing a landmark Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) this month between Nanwakolas Council and Coast Forest Products Association.

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Improvements in Wood Dust Management Standards

Rick Jeffery, President and CEO, Coast Forest Products Association

The WorkSafeBC Review and Action Plan by Gordon Macatee released this month listed a total of forty-three recommendations aimed to raise WorkSafeBC’s inspection and investigation regime to world-class standards.  Six of the forty-three recommendations are aimed at wood dust management in British Columbia.

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