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Rick Jeffery

President & CEO, Coast Forest Products Association

April’s Positive Employment Numbers Reflect Forestry’s Vital Role

Coast Forest Products Association is pleased to learn of British Columbia’s positive employment results for April 2012.  With an overall increase of almost 2 million full-time jobs province-wide, 4,600 jobs were created on Vancouver Island and the Coast with a whopping 48,000 in the resources sector alone (i.e. forestry, fishing, mining and gas extraction).   The coastal forest industry is a key contributor to this job creation.   

Over the recent months, we have seen recognition by the provincial government of the vital role that the forestry sector has in providing stable, sustainable jobs for British Columbians and their families.  The BC Jobs Plan places strategic importance on a number of forest industry opportunities including: diversifying offshore markets; expanding market share into non-residential and multi-residential markets and increasing diversification in areas such as bio-energy and bio products.  This is reflected in the trends and work that we see daily whether it is learning of exciting, new innovations that further improve existing sustainable practices and products or reading that Canada, led by British Columbia, has now surpassed Russia and emerged as the largest exporter of lumber to China.

In practical terms, today’s job numbers mean that that our strategies are working to move today’s forest industry forward in the right direction not only on a global scale but also here at home.  They mean that forestry is key to providing thousands of British Columbian families with fair and sustainable wages that lead to a good quality of life.  This is a smart investment in ourselves both today and in the future and something that we can all support.

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