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CFPA launches new website

The Coast Forest Products Association has launched a new website to start a public conversation about the significance of B.C.’s coastal forest industry.

The new website, www.ourforestsourroots.org, provides visitors with the opportunity to share thoughts, stories and show support for the industry.

For more information go to www.nanaimodailynews.com.

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TimberWest and EDP Renewables Canada Partner on Large-Scale Wind Power Projects on Vancouver Island

TimberWest Forest Corp. (“TimberWest”) and EDP Renewables Canada Ltd. (“EDPR Canada”) have entered into a partnership and propose to develop, build, and operate large-scale wind projects on southern Vancouver Island.

TimberWest and EDPR Canada also announce that they have signed an MOU with the T’Sou-ke First Nation (“T’Sou-ke”) that envisions the potential of partnerships with the T’Sou-ke and other First Nations on wind projects.

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Join the Conversation about Coastal Forestry

Share Your Stories on the New, “Our Forests – Our Roots” Website

ofor_logo_04With National Forest Week now underway, Coast Forest Products Association has launched a new website with the goal of starting an important conversation about the significance of British Columbia’s coastal forest industry. Visitors to the website www.ourforestsourroots.org have the option to share their own stories, show support for the modern industry, gather insights about the history, and more importantly, the future of the coastal forest industry.

“Coastal forest companies have made enormous strides over the last decade, becoming part of a sustainable, modern, innovative industry through hard work and collaboration,” says Rick Jeffrey, Coast Forest President and CEO. “Thanks to these efforts, this industry has plenty to be proud of and a bright future ahead.”

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Science Rediscovers the Oldest Building Product on the Planet

New technology allows logging companies to work more quickly and efficiently

To hear Peter Lister talk about nano filaments and elemental components, it’s hard to grasp that he is actually discussing something as commonplace as a two-by-four.

But the lowly two-by-four is undergoing a renaissance.

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Rick Jeffery

President & CEO, Coast Forest Products Association

Investing in Our Future – Communities and Coastal Forestry

The theme of this year’s UBCM Convention is “navigating the local landscape.” Certainly our landscape in British Columbia’s coastal forest sector has changed dramatically over the years. This has had direct effects on the lives of people in towns and cities all over Vancouver Island, the Lower Mainland and north to Haida Gwaii.

The relationship that we have today with these communities is of key importance in fostering understanding and collaboration so we can grow and benefit from new opportunities together.

People have relied on coastal forestry as a major economic driver and as a way of life for well over a century. In 2012, the forest economy provided jobs for more than 38,000 people or more than an estimated 10% of jobs on the coast. This kept many communities stable and thriving. Today, as indicators point to market rebound, we see evidence that these numbers are climbing and that coastal forestry continues to be of fundamental importance to many others sectors (such as re-manufacturing). We are conducting research studies now to verify this trend and how we might best act on it.

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Les Kiss

Vice President, Forestry, Coast Forest Products Association

Managing BC’s Coastal Forests: Professional Reliance and Public Input

“Forestry isn’t rocket science. It is much more complicated” – Dr. Fred Bunnell UBC, Professor Emeritus

When I attended university, Fred was one of my professors  – and he was on to something because managing forests sustainably is a remarkably complex task.

We manage public forests under a very rigorous regulatory regime where forest resource objectives are set by our elected government and this reflects the public interest.  In addition to public input, this provides the context for professional foresters to manage our forests – both socioeconomically and ecologically.

A better understanding of two key forest management underpinnings – increased reliance on trained professionals who act under government legislation and timely public input – could help to optimize the resources we have by providing cost-effective science-based outcomes.

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British Columbia’s Resource Sectors are the Foundation of a Diversified Economy

Greg D’Avignon
President and Chief Executive Officer,
Business Council of British Columbia

A review of BC Business Magazine’s Top 100 list of British Columbia companies by revenue for 2012 reveals the province’s economic mosaic, showcasing diverse organizations such as Telus, HSBC Bank Canada and Finning International.  It also reveals the extent to which the foundation for British Columbia’s economic prosperity is our natural resource sector.  More than 20 of the top 50 private sector companies are directly involved in mining, forestry or natural gas, and there are dozens more throughout the list which act as service providers to these core industrial sectors.

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Big news! Coast Forest and COFI have come together as one
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