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Coast Forest Congratulates Otto Schulte and Ian Fillinger of Interfor

interforCoast Forest Products Association would like to extend its sincere congratulations to Mr. Ian Fillinger and Mr. Otto Schulte of International Forest Products (Interfor) regarding the recent announcement of their respective appointments to two newly-created positions within the company. Read more

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Sawmill Wood Dust Sampling, Analysis and Explosibility

This study examined fugitive wood dust accumulation, particle size, moisture content (MC) and explosibility by analyzing samples collected from 18 sawmills across BC. This information is intended to assist the sawmilling industry’s efforts to mitigate risks from dust accumulation but it does not provide benchmarks or a risk assessment for sawmills. In this study, mills are grouped by the timber they process and the regions in which they are located.

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Susan Gagnon

Director of Communications & Research

Congratulations to Shannon Janzen – WFP’s Chief Forester

Coast Forest would like to extend its sincere congratulations to Shannon Janzen for her recent promotion as Chief Forester at Western Forest Products. Janzen’s promotion recognizes her exemplary leadership and achievements to-date in developing strategic partnerships and land use policies and practices.

Janzen’s promotion at Western Forest Products is yet another example of the new face of the coastal forest industry.  Read more

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Rick Jeffery

President & CEO, Coast Forest Products Association

Remembering Graham Lea

Graham Lea knew politics and he knew people. Working with Graham lead me to realize they are inextricably linked. Politics is as much about listening and managing people is it is about policies and procedures. Graham knew that to get things done you needed not only to understand the issues and have your research done but you also needed to understand the interests and needs of the other involved parties. He was fond of saying that a solution that killed the other guy was no solution at all. He knew interest based negotiations long before it became a fad. He also taught me that pigs get fat and hogs get slaughtered. Read more

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Wood Dust Mitigation and Control Audit

This audit can be utilized by all manufacturing facilities that produce or utilize combustible wood dust during their manufacturing activities. The physical scope of the audit will extend from the facility’s raw material handling areas/departments through to loading and shipping areas/departments. The audit will review and evaluate several elements of an effective wood dust mitigation and control program, and will focus on the hazards associated with both combustible dust and potential ignition sources. This audit is intended to provide recommendations to the facility on the appropriate management of combustible wood dust and ignition sources. As such, this audit helps document the steps the facility is or should be taking to manage the combustible dust issue.

To read more please click Wood Dust Audit-Consolidated Final June 2013.

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Western Forest Products appoints Shannon Janzen as Chief Forester

Vancouver, British Columbia. Don Demens, President and CEO of Western Forest Products Inc. is pleased to announce the promotion of Shannon Janzen to Chief Forester, effective immediately.

Previously Manager, Strategic Planning, Ms. Janzen is a Registered Professional Forester and clearly demonstrates the leadership qualities required for the role of Chief Forester. She brings over 10 years’ experience in developing and implementing land use policies and practices.

Ms. Janzen also has a proven track record of building strategic relationships and partnerships with First Nations, Environmental groups and various levels of Government on the coast of British Columbia.

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