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Happy Holidays from Coast Forest!

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Clippings from Coast Forest

B.C. extends aboriginal land agreement

Politicians and aboriginal leaders have signed a three-year extension to their ground-breaking deal for resource sharing on 4.5 million hectares of northern Vancouver Island and the adjacent coast. At a signing ceremony at the B.C. legislature Monday, Nanwakolas Council president Dallas Smith said other B.C. First Nations were skeptical of his group entering into forestry, mining and hydroelectric power deals without having treaties. But it was established in 2007, the number of Nanwakolas members participating has grown from six to 10, and similar “strategic engagement agreements” have been signed around the province. The agreement is leading towards a formal deal with coastal forest companies, a proposed coal mine and several proposed independent power projects, Smith said. Click here to read the full article.

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Rick Jeffery

President & CEO, Coast Forest Products Association

Actions Speak Louder than Words: Jobs and Skills Training Needed in Coast Forestry

British Columbian forestry companies are experiencing a shortage of skilled workers. Caused by global market fluctuation, competition from other sectors and an industry that is undergoing a massive transformation, this challenge impacts the strength of our economy, jobs and people like you and I who want good, stable, liveable incomes.

So while I am pleased to see a rise in media coverage on this issue of skills shortages, recent headlines reporting that our politicians are blasting each other over this topic are a concern. Attention needs to be aimed at finding and supporting the best actions that will result in real and lasting solutions.

Right now both government and industry are taking steps to resolve the problem of labour shortage in forestry. Read More

News Clippings

Clippings from Coast Forest

Supercycle for global lumber prices predicted

More B.C. mills predicted to close, but survivors poised to profit from new era of prosperity

Two dozen B.C. sawmills have been shuttered since about 2005, and the industry expects at least half a dozen more will be shut down by the middle of the decade as an abundant supply of cheap pine runs out. While that might not be good for the communities that depend on those mills for jobs, it’s not a bad thing for the mills that are left standing, says Russell Taylor, president and CEO of the International Wood Markets Group, because the industry is entering what is expected to be an era of prosperity.Click here to read the full article.

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