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The Case For The Wooden Skyscraper

When Michael Green imagines the buildings of the future, he sees skylines built from a material that is not only cheaper and more environmentally friendly than steel and concrete, but one that has a distinctly Canadian feel. Now the Vancouver architect just has to convince the country of the benefits of wood skyscrapers, which are beginning to crop up in several countries around the world. “The hardest part of this job in advocating for these ideas is not the technical side, it’s the perception side,” says Green, whose portfolio includes the Ottawa airport and the North Vancouver City Hall renovation project, both of which heavily incorporate wood. In a lecture Green is delivering at Toronto’s Ryerson University next week, he includes a picture of the first skyscraper, a 10-storey building erected in Chicago in 1885. “Apparently people were terrified to walk below it. But four years later, Eiffel was building the Eiffel Tower,”Green says. Five years ago, tall wood buildings (those six storeys and higher), were not even on the radar for architects, engineers and developers in Canada. But since the idea has caught on in Europe and Australia, and boasts distinct environmental and economic advantages, it is slowly gaining ground. Click here to read the full article.

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